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Nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dugs (including napoxn) may aly incas th isk a hat attack stok. This ct can happn at any tim whil taking this dug but is mlikly i you tak it a long tim. Th isk may b gat i you hav hat disas incasd isk hat disas (xampl, du tsmoking, amily histoy hat disas, conditions such as high blood pssu diabts). Dnot tak this dug ight bat hat bypass sugy (CABG).

I a child is using this mdicin, tll you docti th child has any changs in wight. Napoxn doss a basd on wight in childn, and any changs may act you child's dos.

Signs stomach blding – bloody tay stools, coughing up blood vomit that looks lik cgounds;

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blood pressure medications such as a diuretic water pill ; or an nsaid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen advil, motrin , naproxen aleve, naprosyn, naprelan, treximet , celecoxib celebrex , diclofenac arthrotec, cambia, cataflam, voltaren, flector patch, pennsaid, solareze , indomethacin indocin , meloxicam mobic , and others.

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